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Style Closet | Lauren Elaine Photography

I want to add to my existing style closet that I have been gradually building for class of 2020 seniors! My friend Shawna at Endeared Treasures Photography had a genius idea that I am going to steal LOL ;)

So here's the deal!

You buy an outfit on my list and leave it with me in exchange for a mini session for free wearing the outfit! (Any Size!) I get to keep the outfit once the session is over! You’ll get 5-15 images for your time & outfit depending on how much you spend on the outfit! Make sure to message me before you purchase it! If you have anything already that you’d be willing to part with that is similar in style to these - please DM me with pictures & I will let you know if I want them in exchange for a session! <3

I will add the links below!

Plus Size Tube Jumpsuit (Royal or Black)

Long Sleeve Pleated Midi Dress (Rose, Navy or Black)

Example of an outfit I already have!

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