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Senior Reviews - Regan Weeks

Here you can read real reviews in detail from my real clients!

Regan is a senior at Clare High School. Thank you again Regan for taking the time to answer these questions for me! <3

Why did you choose Lauren Elaine Photography?

I’d seen a lot of her pictures on Instagram and really liked her style. I liked that she was younger and had incorporated lots of cool ideas that people wanted to try. Her pictures looked super pretty and personal!

What are your current plans after graduation?

I plan on attending Ferris State University to get a degree in Architecture. I eventually want to design houses and community-style projects and see my ideas being built.

What was your favorite thing about your session?

My favorite thing about my session was walking and just taking pictures wherever we found that we liked. It wasn’t a “stand here, smile” session. We got to walk around and laugh and get cute pictures in different places.

What do you think makes Lauren Elaine Photography different than other photographers?

Lauren was super sweet and friendly. I don't usually like taking pictures but she made it super easy and relaxed. She’s younger so she can relate to the seniors better than a lot of other photographers. She knows what’s cute and how to take pictures that we'll love.

What is most important to you when looking for a photographer?

I hate taking pictures because somehow I always manage to look away or pose wrong or something. I need somebody who can have a relaxed but focused session. And somebody who cares about how the pictures turn out, rather than snapping a bunch to filter though.

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