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Senior Review - Sydni Kann

Senior review with the very talented Sydni Kann! You might see her all over social media with her insane musical talent! If you have not seen her amazing work here are her social media links!




She is even releasing a new EP on March 1st called "All of the Rumors are True". She used a photo from our fall session as the EP cover!! How cool! Below is her answers to my senior review form. Thank you SO much Sydni for choosing me as your photographer! It means so so so much <3

Why did you choose Lauren Elaine Photography?

I LOVED the picture style on her Instagram feed!

What are your current plans after graduation?

Currently, I am planning on taking online college courses to get a degree in creative writing while pursuing my music career.

What was your favorite thing about your session?

I loved how flexible Lauren was with going to different locations in order to satisfy my vision!

What do you think makes Lauren Elaine Photography different than other photographers?

I feel Lauren is very personable and fresh in the game; it’s obvious how passionate she is about what she’s doing. She is also open to different styles depending on what the client is looking for, which I think is very unique.

What is most important to you when looking for a photographer?

I look for someone who makes me feel comfortable. A photographer can capture and edit the best pictures in the world, but if they can’t make the client loosen up and enjoy themselves, the session won’t be nearly as successful.

On another positive note, one of Sydni's pictures from our session was recently published in a magazine! I submitted 10 photos to The Twelfth Year's Top 50 Up and Coming Senior Photographers and got in the top 60 out of 4000 photographers nation wide! One of her pictures was chosen for publication! You can see a sneak of the magazine here:

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