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Location Spotlight - Ludington

This week I'm taking you to Ludington on my location spotlight. I'm SO in love with this town, I swear if I could I would pack up everything and buy a house on Lake Michigan. But, since I can't do that without taking out a multimillion dollar loan, I can settle with going there a few times a month for senior sessions.

Ludington literally has it all. Sand dunes, beautiful beaches, historic downtown area, and lots of hidden gems throughout the city. If you can get past the wind this is definitely the place for you to have your senior session! The sunsets are hard to beat and even on an overcast day it's still just as beautiful.

Take a look at the different sessions I've done at this beautiful location below.

Abigail Harsh - Coleman High School Class of 2020.

My first senior session in Ludington. And is still one of my favorites. The sun was shining beautifully and Abby had some incredible outfits. Not only was Abby's session a blast, Abby and her mom were so understanding at the fact that this was my first session in Ludington and we spent a lot of time exploring the city and just enjoying the day. Isn't Abby a natural in front of the camera?

Brooke Chenette- Gladwin High School Class of 2020

This session was super eventful, but overall a laughable moment. We may have ignored the "boardwalk closed" sign, and passed it by about 5 steps to get the perfect shot, which is apparently a misdominer! Definitely another mistake I will never make, so thankfully the cop who confronted us was very understanding and we didn't get any court dates ;) Besides the almost run in with the law - we had a great session. The sun was shining, wind wasn't roaring and Brooke was so much fun to photograph.

Zoe Merillat - Coleman High School Class of 2020

I am probably sounding redundant here, but I loved this session with Zoe! The sunset was PERFECT. Zoe told me during her consultation that all she wanted was a pretty sunset. Which really isn't something I can guarantee ;) BUT, we lucked out! We got a gorgeous sunset and Zoe looks absolutely stunning!

Elizabeth Spencer - Midland High School Class of 2020

Yet again, another beautiful session. Elizabeth's session was in the beginning of September and we got lucky with some great weather despite forecasts for rain. I always try to find some variety when shooting in the same location. We ventured over to the grassy dunes (I listen to way to many crime podcasts and I am always afraid to walk in grassy dunes lol!). Elizabeth was another natural in front of the camera! I loved her session and hanging out with her and her mom.

So if you're looking for a more nature themed senior session with a small mixture of small town vibes, Ludington is definitely an amazing location to choose for your senior photos. Contact me today by heading over to my senior page to contact me about booking your senior session today! I love empowering young adults and starting their senior year off with some beautiful photos to cherish forever!

Lauren Elaine Photography provides customized portrait sessions for seniors and couples. Lauren Elaine Photography emphasizes natural beauty, raw emotion, and creativity in every session to provide her clients with portraits that last forever!

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