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5 Reasons to Consider a Destination Senior Experience

I always love a destination Senior session. Not only because I absolutely love to travel and see the world but I also love how much more my clients faces light up after seeing the finished portraits, knowing how much they not only love the images but also the experience. So in this blog post I will go over five of the many reasons to most definitely consider a destination senior experience this summer! So here we go!

Brooke Marsrow 2019 - Charlevoix MI

1. It's a great excuse to get out and see the beautiful state that we live in.

Who doesn't love a good road trip? Michigan has so much to offer for great senior picture opportunities. Not only does it have beautiful lakes and beaches but it also has very unique and growing urban areas such as Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Ludington, and Kalamazoo (I'm sure I'm missing a few). Michigan also has very cute smaller towns with beautiful downtown areas with boats, bridges, and different brick buildings to make every location unique.

Bailey Leivitt 2019 - Belle Isle State Park

2. Something unique compared to the rest of your peers senior portraits!

Being different and standing out isn't everyone's cup of tea. However I have had so many seniors tell me when booking their session, "I just want something DIFFERENT". And doing a destination shoot is definitely a way to get a different set of senior portraits. Not only is it a crap ton of fun, but it's guaranteed that your senior gallery will be completely different from your friends even if you go to the same place! I always try to make my posing unique to the senior and what best fits their body type / face shape / everything that makes them unique! Even if it's at the same location!

Kenzie Miller 2019 - Eastern Market Detroit, MI

3. You get a new experience.

This is really the biggest reason for me to advocate for destination sessions. Experiences are something you don't forget. Walking around the Eastern Market in Detroit you get to see so much artwork and beauty - it is amazing! I didn't even know this little piece of heaven existed until my session with Kenzie and I have been dying to go back ever since! Traveling, exploring, and broadening your outlook on life can start with a simple senior session to a different community.

Hannah Medema 2019 - Au Gres

4. I now include travel to anywhere in the lower peninsula with my luxe senior experience!

This year when I was trying to figure out my packages and what I wanted to shoot more of, I decided that I would include travel with my session fee to anywhere in the lower peninsula when a client booked my luxe senior experience. So there are no more conversations about how much will the travel fee be if I want to go here? Or there? If it's in the lower peninsula, it's included. You most definitely do not have to go somewhere 2 hours away. You could choose Bay City if you'd like. But now there is no excuses of a travel fee ;)

You can view more about my senior experiences here.

Kenzie Miller 2019 - Downtown Detroit


Now don't get me wrong, I love every senior session I've ever shot. BUT, there is just a different element of excitement when I get to do a session somewhere totally different and unique with a senior who is just as excited. Not only do I have a blast but so do my clients! Like I've said numerous times I love getting out and seeing the state of Michigan, how could I not be happy while doing the thing I love and traveling at the same time?!

Bailey Leavitt 2019 - Belle Isle State Park

If you've made it this far I just wanted to say thank you for reading, this is my first blog post with actual substance in it so I'm thankful that you made it through! Thanks for reading!

So now, what's stopping you from booking your destination senior session? Message me today to get chatting about your ideas and wishes. BTW: I love Bay City just as much as anywhere else!

Incase you're wondering, I do have a wishlist of places I am dying to do a session at: Ludington, Traverse City, Pictured Rocks, Sand Dunes, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Mackinaw Island and the Mackinaw Bridge.

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